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Diversity in approach, people, and thinking is key to success. Let’s talk about it.

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Throughout my life, I struggled to fit in with my culture, my family, and even society in general. Through it all, I knew the one constant I could always count on was myself. Even if you feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle, believe in yourself, and you will get there. Hard work beats talent every time, and throughout my career as an inventor, engineer, author, and entrepreneur, nothing has brought me more joy than a hard day’s work. I can help inspire your teams through keynote speaking, panel discussions, and other speaking engagements.

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If your organization is not focusing on DEI initiatives in the workplace, your employees and business will suffer. DEI initiatives are crucial to employee success and customer satisfaction. As a minority and an appointed board member of the Hispanic and Immigrant Affairs Board in Raleigh, I can help educate your teams on creating a more welcoming environment with stronger collaboration and engagement through DEI presentations and DEI consulting.

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Are you an entrepreneur looking to take your business(es) and career path to the next level? Some people may say you’re crazy, but it takes one to know one! Success is not linear, and no two journeys are ever alike. Through my coaching sessions, you’ll get personalized advice on how to grow your businesses and turn failures and challenges into opportunities.

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You Can Be a Leader AND a Follower

“Without a strong connection and commitment to community, a leader will never achieve their full potential.”
– Phillip Lin